Information about dataset 25

Unqualified dataset name svim-oha-daily
Full dataset name ADC/svim-oha-daily
abstract The dataset contains daily averages from a 54 year (1958-2011) numerical ocean model hindcast archive, produced with the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). ROMS is a three dimensional baroclinic ocean general circulation model which uses topography-following s-coordinates in the vertical. This ensures high vertical resolution in shallow areas such as shelf seas and coastal areas. Here, the model is run on a grid with 32 s-layers in the vertical. In the horizontal, the grid resolution is 4 km and covers the Nordic, Barents and Kara seas, as well as parts of the Arctic Ocean. For further reading check All SVIM data (daily, monthly, yearly, climatology) are currently bundled in the same location, data will be separated when a better application server is implemented.
activity_type Model run
area Nordic Seas, Arctic Ocean
bounding_box 132,46,-28, 87
Conventions NetCDF/CF
data_file_location FIXME
data_file_size FIXME
datacollection_period 1958-01-02 to 2011-12-31
dataref_FTP URL
dataref_WMS URL
dataset_name ADC svim-oha-daily
distribution_statement CC BY/NLOD
file_format FIXME
history 2015-06-16 creation
institution Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( Institue of Marine Research (IMR)
operational_status NA
PI_name Arne Melsom
product_name SVIM daily
project_name Spatiotemporal variability in mortality and growth of fish larvae and zooplankton in the Lofoten-Barents Sea ecosystem (SVIM)
title SVIM ocean hindcast archive - daily averages
topiccategory oceans
variable Oceans > Ocean Circulation > Ocean Currents > HIDDEN > HIDDEN
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature > HIDDEN
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Water Temperature > HIDDEN
Oceans > Salinity/Density > Salinity > HIDDEN
Oceans > Sea Ice > Ice Depth/Thickness > HIDDEN
Oceans > Sea Ice > Sea Ice Concentration > HIDDEN
Oceans > Sea Ice > Sea Ice Motion > HIDDEN