Information about dataset 228850

Unqualified dataset name itp19_itp19grd0868
Full dataset name ACCESS/itp19/itp19_itp19grd0868
abstract The Ice-Tethered Profiler data were collected and made available by the Ice-Tethered Profiler Program based at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ( ITP data are similar to CTD data, but are collected from buoys frozen in the sea ice.
activity_type Float
area Arctic Ocean
bounding_box 2.4954,80.7717,2.4954,80.7717
Conventions CF-1.0
data_file_location /metno/damocles/data/
data_file_size 10740
datacollection_period 2008-11-11 to 2008-11-11
dataset_name ACCESS itp19 itp19itp19grd0868
distribution_statement Free
history 2009-03-11 creation
institution Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
keywords pressure temperature salinity
PI_name Not available
Platform_name ITP 19
product_name ITP profile
project_name Damocles
title ITP 19 Profile
topiccategory oceans
variable Oceans > Ocean Pressure > Water Pressure > HIDDEN
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Water Temperature > HIDDEN
Oceans > Salinity/Density > Salinity > HIDDEN