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Unqualified dataset name ROMS-NorKyst800-forecast
Full dataset name ADC/ROMS-NorKyst800-forecast
abstract This ocean model is operated at 800m resolution covering the Norwegian Coastal areas. This specific dataset provides the hourly forecast from the operational model. This is a rolling archive where only the most recent data are presented online. For historical purposes, the daily analysis is provided as another dataset. If for some reason the historical forecast is required, pleased use the contact information provided to receive this (manual task). A numerical model is applied to describe the dynamics of the oceans, such as sea level variations (tides and storm surge), movements in the water column (currents) and the salinity and temperature. To simulate the ocean, a 3-D grid is applied with different sizes, i.e., small grids for fine scale or detailed calculations, and larger or coarser grids to cover larger areas (and depth). The model runs on a supercomputer, and provides forecasts of sea level, currents, salinity and temperature for a time-range between 66 (2.75 days) and 240 hours (10 days). The model is run operationally, i.e, in a "24/7/365" environment to provide a 99.5% stability on a yearly basis. Currents from the model is further applied in emergency-models that simulates pathways of oil slicks and drifting objects (Search And Rescue). The ocean model used is the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). This is a three-dimensional, free-surface, terrain-following numerical model that solve the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations using the hydrostatic and Boussinesq assumptions (Haidvogel et al., 2008). Haidvogel, D. B., H. Arango, W. P. Budgell, B. D. Cornuelle, E. Curchitser, E. Di Lorenzo, K. Fennel, W. R. Geyer, A. J. Hermann, L. Lanerolle, J. Levin, J. C. McWilliams, A. J. Miller, A. M. Moore, T. M. Powell, A. F. Shchepetkin, C. R. Sherwood, R. P. Signell, J. C. Warner, and J. Wilkin, Ocean forecasting in terrain-following coordinates: Formulation and skill assessment of the Regional Ocean Modeling System, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, 227, 3595–3624, 2008.
activity_type Model run
area Nordic Seas
bounding_box 37.67,55.99,-1.199,75.06
Conventions CF
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datacollection_period 2012-06-27 to 2016-12-31
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dataset_name ADC ROMS-NorKyst800-forecast
distribution_statement CC BY/NLOD
file_format NetCDF/CF
history 2015-06-17 creation
institution Norwegian Meteorological Institute (
operational_status operational
PI_name Harald Engedahl
product_name NorKyst800 forecast
project_name Public service
title ROMS NorKyst800 forecast
topiccategory oceans
variable Oceans > Ocean Circulation > Ocean Currents > HIDDEN
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Sea Surface Temperature > HIDDEN
Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Water Temperature > HIDDEN
Oceans > Salinity/Density > Salinity > HIDDEN
Oceans > Sea Ice > Sea Ice Concentration > HIDDEN