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Unqualified dataset name tamHADA2HI55NO_2076_02_19
Full dataset name ADC/tamHADA2HI55NO/tamHADA2HI55NO_2076_02_19
abstract Daily (24 h) surface temperature over Norway for the period 2071 - 2100. The resolution is 1 km and the data have been interpolated from 55 km resolution HIRHAM simulations. The boundary conditions were from A2 emission scenario simulations by the HadCM3 Global Climate Model (GCM) at the Met Office Hadley Centre. High spatial resolution temperature (24h) projections are available for the Norwegian mainland. Results from two GCMs, HadCM3 and ECHAM5 following the SRES emission scenarios A2 and B2, and SRES emisison scenario B2 respectivly are interpolated to 1 km resolution and bias corrected. The GCMs are dynamially downscaled with the norwegian regional climate model (RCM) HIRHAM. Historical RCM runs shold be able to reproduce historical statistics as mean monthly temperature and mean monthly precipitation sums as well as mean monthly standard deviation based on daily values for temperature and precipitation respectively. This is still not the case due to too coarse resolution and physical limitations, the RCM output therefore has to be bias corrected. The bias correction method used are presented in Engen-Skaugen (2007). It's important to notice that the climate change signal obtained with HIRHAM is maintained with the method used. References: Engen-Skaugen, T., Haugen, J.E. and Hanssen-Bauer, I., 2008, Dynamically downscaled climate scenarios available at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute – per December 2008, Report no 24/08”. Engen-Skaugen, T., 2007, Refinement of dynamically downscaled precipitaiton and temperature scenarios, Clim. Change 84:365-382, DOI 10.1007/s10584-007-9251-6
activity_type Model run
area Nordic Seas
bounding_box 32.5099983215332,57.7700004577637,-1.30999994277954,72.0899963378906
Conventions CF-1.4
data_file_location /metno/damocles/arcticdata/
data_file_size 11139964
datacollection_period 2076-02-19 to 2076-02-19
dataset_name ADC tamHADA2HI55NO tamHADA2HI55NO20760219
distribution_statement Free
history 2013-02-14 creation
institution Norwegian Meteorological Institute
keywords Air Temperature
Climate Maps
Surface Air Temperature
PI_name Torill Engen Skaugen
product_name Downscaled climate scenarios for Norway
project_name Norwegian Meteorological Institute
title Downscaled Air Temperature Norway
topiccategory climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
variable air_temperature
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