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Unqualified dataset name StorfjordADCP
Full dataset name DAMOC/StorfjordADCP
abstract Under the Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies (DAMOCLES) project, an acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) and a Microcat were deployed at the sill separating the Storfjorden in Svalbard Archipelago and Storfjordrenna north of Storfjordbanken on the Barents Sea shelf. Storfjorden, through its polynya activity, produces highly saline water near the freezing temperature which fills the fjord to the sill level (115 m) and initiates a gravity driven overflow. A self-contained 307.2 KHz broadband Workhorse, Sentinel, RD Instruments ADCP and a Sea-Bird SBE37SM Microcat (S/N 4011), temperature-conductivity-pressure recording unit was deployed at 76deg 58.08min N, 19deg 14.95min E at the 111 m isobath on 12 december 2005. The instruments were recovered on 9 August 2006. The instruments are installed in an aluminum trawl-proof frame, attached to a concrete block of 2.5x2.5x0.37 m dimensions. The ADCP sampled at 4-m depth cell size, averaging data (33 pings per ensemble) at 10 min intervals. The first cell was centered at about 6 meter above seafloor. The Microcat sampled at 10min intervals. This dataset consists of hourly averaged vertical profiles of current velocities as well as ADCP-temperature and Microcat-temperature/salinity/pressure at the instrument depth.
activity_type Moored instrument
area Barents Sea
bounding_box 19.3,76.97,19.25,76.97
Conventions CF-1.0
datacollection_period 2003-09-04 to 2007-04-22
dataset_name DAMOC StorfjordADCP
distribution_statement Free
history 2010-06-10 Creation
institution UiB University of Bergen
keywords ADCP
PI_name Ilker Fer
Platform_name Bottom mounted frame
product_name Horizontal velocity and temperature at Storfjorden Sill
project_name Damocles
title Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data from the Storfjorden Sill, 2005/2006
topiccategory oceans
variable Oceans > Ocean Circulation > Ocean Currents > HIDDEN
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