Information about dataset 162437

Unqualified dataset name f5253d9d080756918fa921d02e0e6ac4
Full dataset name DOKIPY/f5253d9d080756918fa921d02e0e6ac4
abstract Atmospheric observations are acquired by NILU at the Antarctic Troll station. Data are stored in the EBAS-system, available
activity_type Land station
bounding_box -2.53,-72.0,-2.53,-72.0
datacollection_period 2007-01-01 to 9999-01-01
dataset_name DOKIPY f5253d9d080756918fa921d02e0e6ac4
distribution_statement Free
file_format ASCII
format_description NASA-Ames 1001
history 9999-01-01 00:00 UTC
institution Differs - se URL
operational_status operational
PI_name Differs - se URL
project_name AtmoTroll
title Atmospheric observations from the Troll station
topiccategory climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
variable Atmosphere > Aerosols > Nitrate Particles > HIDDEN
Atmosphere > Aerosols > Particulate Matter > HIDDEN
Atmosphere > Aerosols > Sulfate Particles > HIDDEN
Atmosphere > Air Quality > Sulfur Oxides > HIDDEN
Atmosphere > Air Quality > Tropospheric Ozone > HIDDEN