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Unqualified dataset name NP_org.polarresearch-2d214
Full dataset name DOKIPY/NP_org.polarresearch-2d214
abstract COPOL is a project under the auspices of the International Polar Year (IPY). The main objective of the project is to understand the dynamic range of man-made contaminants in marine ecosystems of Polar Regions, in order to better predict how possible future climate change will be reflected in levels and effects at higher trophic levels. This aim will be addressed by 4 integrated work packages covering the scopes of 1) food web contaminant exposure and flux, 2) transfer to higher trophic levels and potential effects, 3) chemical analyses and screening, 4) synthesis and integration. The COPOL project focuses on the Arctic region, and the main effort is concentrated in Kongsfjorden (Spitzbergen). This fjord has been identified as particularly suitable as a study site of contaminants processes, due to the remoteness of sources, and for influences of climatic changes, due to the documented relation between Atlantic water influx and the climatic index North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). Variable Atlantic water influx will not only influence abiotic contaminant exposure, but also food web structure, food quality and energy pathways, as different water masses carry different phyto- and zooplankton assemblages. This may affect the flux of contaminants through the food web to high trophic level predators such as seabirds and seals, due to altered food quality and energy pathways. Methods: Three field campaigns were conducted in 2007 (spring, summer and autumn), 2008 (summer), 2009 (summer) collecting sea water, sediments, and organisms ranging from plankton and benthic invertebrates, to fish and sea birds. In 2007 two stations in Kongsfjorden were sampled, in 2008 and 2009 same stations in Kongsfjorden were sampled and one station in Liefdefjorden. At all stations the same type of samples were collected.
area Kongsfjorden
bounding_box 11.94,78.96,11.94,78.96
datacollection_period 2007-05-10 to 2009-07-28
dataset_name DOKIPY NPorg.polarresearch-2d214
keywords Benthic food webs
Pelagic food webs
Persistent organic pollutants
PI_name Gabrielsen,Bustnes,Christensen,Øverjordet,Hallanger,Ruus,Evenset,Heimstad,Renaud
project_long_name Contaminants in Polar Regions: Dynamic range of contaminants in polar marine ecosystems
project_name COPOL
title Dataset for COPOL project
topiccategory ENVIRONMENT