Information about dataset 162415

Unqualified dataset name 086b767bd904c3b34cd4b78dac0a487b
Full dataset name DOKIPY/086b767bd904c3b34cd4b78dac0a487b
abstract - Analysis of official documents, reports and statements by the Russian federation related to climate change, in particular to adaptation; - Literature review about Russian climate politics and research; - Analysis of Russian newspaper articles covering climate change debate
activity_type Other
area Arctic Ocean
Barents Sea
Chukchi Sea
bounding_box 180,50,30,75
datacollection_period 2007-10-01 to 2009-12-31
dataset_name DOKIPY 086b767bd904c3b34cd4b78dac0a487b
distribution_statement No access first 12 months
file_format Document
format_description Microsoft Word
history 2009-12-31 00:00 UTC
institution Russian State Pedagogical University, Institute of the Peoples of the North
operational_status Scientific
PI_name Anna Stammler-Gossmann
project_name Damocles
title analysis and review of Russian documents, reports, statements related to climate change
topiccategory Society
variable Human Dimensions > Attitudes,preferences,behavior > Social Behavior > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Boundaries > Administrative Divisions > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Boundaries > Boundary Surveys > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Boundaries > Political Divisions > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Economic Resources > Agricultural Economics > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Economic Resources > Oil/Gas Production > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Environmental Impacts > Environmental Assessments > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Human Health > Public Health > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Infrastructure > Buildings > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Infrastructure > Transportation > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Land Use/Land Cover > Land Management > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Population > Population Distribution > HIDDEN