Information about dataset 162409

Unqualified dataset name kvs2007
Full dataset name DOKIPY/kvs2007
abstract Current profiles collected by the Norwegain Polar Institute.
activity_type Cruise
area Fram Strait
Nordic Seas
bounding_box -3.2506,77.6468,-11.9194,79.7890
Conventions CF-1.0
datacollection_period 2007-04-15 to 2007-04-24
dataset_name DOKIPY kvs2007
distribution_statement Restricted to iAOOS-Norway
history 2011-03-17 creation
institution NPI Norwegian Polar Institute
keywords ADCP Current Marine Observation Ocean Oceanography Sea
PI_name Edmond Hansen
product_name ADCP measurements
project_name iAOOS-Norway
title Helicopter ADCP data from the KVS2007 cruise
topiccategory oceans
variable Oceans > Ocean Circulation > Ocean Currents > HIDDEN
u velocity
v velocity
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