Information about dataset 162380

Unqualified dataset name 915a43ebbd3735645e98fe644803edf4
Full dataset name DOKIPY/915a43ebbd3735645e98fe644803edf4
abstract Data consist of (47) transcriptions of semi-structured interviews and group discussions with local fisheries stakeholders, representants from industry (Statoil Hydro) and the municipality at two case sites: Lebesby municipality (main site) and Hammerfest municipality (minor site). Topics include fishing conditions (past and present), climate elements, and other (social) factors influencing fishing livelihoods and the local economy.
activity_type interveiew, questionnaire
area Barents Sea
Norwegian Sea
bounding_box 26.09,70.36,23.69,70.66
datacollection_period 2007-05-08 to 2009-11-22
dataset_name DOKIPY 915a43ebbd3735645e98fe644803edf4
distribution_statement No access first 6 months
file_format Document
format_description Microsoft Word
history 2009-11-22 00:00 UTC
institution CICERO
operational_status Scientific
PI_name Jennifer West, Grete K. Hovelsrud
project_name Damocles
title Interview on fisheries, environmental and societal factors in Northern Norway
topiccategory Society
variable Human Dimensions > Attitudes,preferences,behavior > Social Behavior > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Environmental Impacts > Environmental Assessments > HIDDEN