Information about dataset 162365

Unqualified dataset name 3fe0a1e59bd206d32e82bbf19dc0b56f
Full dataset name DOKIPY/3fe0a1e59bd206d32e82bbf19dc0b56f
abstract Comparison and analysis of interviews and participant observation. Case study sites Murmansk region in October-November 2007 and Kirkenes (Northern Norway) in 2008. Stakeholders interviewed in the case study sites included local fishermen, local and regional administration officials, representatives of the fishery associations, and local NGOs, regional scientists, employers representing land-based fish processing facilities, marine shipping, and offshore oil and gas companies.
activity_type Interview, questionnaire
area Barents Sea
bounding_box 34,69,30,71
datacollection_period 2007-10-01 to 2008-12-31
dataset_name DOKIPY 3fe0a1e59bd206d32e82bbf19dc0b56f
distribution_statement No access first 12 months
file_format Document
format_description Microsoft Word
history 2008-12-31 UTC
institution Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
operational_status Scientific
PI_name Anna Stammler-Gossmann
project_name Damocles
title Analysis of fisheries, environmental and societal factors in Murmansk and Kirkenes
topiccategory Society
variable Human Dimensions > Attitudes,preferences,behavior > Social Behavior > HIDDEN
Human Dimensions > Environmental Impacts > Environmental Assessments > HIDDEN