Information about dataset 112396

Unqualified dataset name tam24hNOgrd1957on_1977_07_10
Full dataset name ADC/tam24hNOgrd1957on/tam24hNOgrd1957on_1977_07_10
abstract Maps of daily (24 h) surface temperature (2 m) over Norway. The data are based on observations from the conventional network which have been interpolated to 1 km grid spacing by kriging. The methods are described in Mohr, M., 2003: New Routines for Gridding of Temperature and Precipitation Observations for, note 08/2008, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The maps are availabe at
area Nordic Seas
bounding_box 32.5099983215332,57.7700004577637,-1.30999994277954,72.0899963378906
Conventions CF-1.4
data_file_location /metno/damocles/arcticdata/
data_file_size 11138684
datacollection_period 1977-07-10 to 1977-07-10
dataset_name ADC tam24hNOgrd1957on tam24hNOgrd1957on19770710
distribution_statement Free
history 2012-05-14 creation
institution Norwegian Meteorological Institute
keywords Air Temperature
Climate Maps
Surface Air Temperature
PI_name Ole Einar Tveito
product_name SeNorge
project_name SeNorge
title Gridded Air Temperature Norway
topiccategory climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
variable air_temperature
Atmosphere > Atmospheric Temperature > Air Temperature > HIDDEN