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Unqualified dataset name aoe_mast
Full dataset name ADC/aoe/aoe_mast
abstract Arctic Ocean Experiment 2001 AOE-2001 was an icebreaker based field experiment with a target on the formation of low clouds in the central Arctic summer during July and August 2001. A main portion of the 2-moth experiment was a 3-week ice drift from 89 to 88 degN. Main components of the meteorology part of the experiment were surface-based remote- sensing observations, general meteorology observations (weather staion and soundings) and boundary-layer observations on the ice. For a complete review of the experiment and a full list of instruments, see Tjernstrým et al. 2004 (The summertime Arctic atmosphere: Meteorological measurements during the Arctic Ocean Experiment (AOE-2001) in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 85, 1305 - 1321, and its on-line supplement: Experimental equipment: A supplement to The summertime Arctic atmosphere: Meteorological measurements during the Arctic Ocean Experiment (AOE-2001)).
activity_type Cruise
area Arctic Ocean
bounding_box 120,79,-10,90
Conventions CF-1.0
data_file_location /metno/damocles/data/SU/aoe/
data_file_size 3414524
datacollection_period 2001-07-05 to 2001-08-21
dataset_name ADC aoe aoemast
distribution_statement Free
file_format NetCDF/CF
history 2007-11-23 creation
institution SU Stockholm University
keywords Polar Troposphere Meteorological Observation Measurement Atmospheric Boundary Layer Clouds Remote Sensing Soundings Temperature Humidity Wind Pressure Turbulence Radiation Visibility
operational_status Scientific
PI_name Michael Tjernstrom
project_name AOE-2001
title Various meteorological observations from a mast placed on an ice-floe during AOE-2001
topiccategory climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
variable air_pressure